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Auto Battle - We’ll Handle the Little Things!

We have been working on improving the player experience. We hope that this new feature will help improve your quality of life. Introducing the Auto Battle button!

How will it work?

You can now enable an Auto Battle button which will let the A.I. take over the battle for you! This will not only give your thumbs a rest but also let you try a different approach to flying the Dragon of your choice. If you ever get tired of letting the computer do all the work, you can always take manual control of your dragons at any time. If you want to mix it up, you can also cast spells without interrupting Auto Battle.

Here’s also a quick peek as to how it will all look like in-game:

Will this attack Monuments and Boats?

Yes, it will! Auto Battle will attack monuments and ships if there aren’t any towers nearby. As soon as a tower comes in proximity of the dragon they’ll change priorities to the tower.

How will this help?

Not only will Auto Battle reduce the amount of effort you spend grinding, but it will also let you focus on other essential leveling features, such as Base Building, and Breeding new dragons.

We're planning to enable this function in most game modes, including Atlas, PvP, War, and Events excluding Dungeon. 

Wait, is this going to make my flying skills obsolete?

Not at all! No matter how good the A.I. will be, we believe that you will be able to outperform it every time.

What are your thoughts about the Auto Battle button? We eagerly await your feedback at the War Dragons Forums!

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