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Introducing: Dragon Riders

There once was an ancient race known as the Dragon Riders.
These mythic warriors used arcane magic to empower dragons and ride them into battles! Using their dragons, they conquered the entire world.

Over the years, these Dragon Riders fractured into different groups and regions. Some inhabited the chilling Arctic, adapting their spells to the ice and frost; others forged their magic in the fires of volcanic islands. But without a strong leader to unite them, the Dragon Riders started warring with each other, and eventually destroyed their civilization and much of the magic that made them great.

Only a handful of Dragon Riders remain.
Can your leadership rekindle their old greatness?



Dragon Riders are collectible heroes that you can bond to your dragons and fly into battle with! Bonding a Dragon Rider to a dragon can provide you with a number of buffs, such as increasing your dragon power, base defense, or help you secure victory in the upcoming World Map.

A variety of Dragon Riders will be obtainable through Seasonal Prizes and will be discoverable in the World Map.



Dragon Riders can also grow in power, increasing the buffs they provide! When a Dragon Rider is leveled up, Skill Points are obtained. Use Skill Points to increase the effectiveness of a Dragon Rider’s buff, and unlock new buffs as you explore a Dragon Rider’s Skill Tree. The Skill Tree of each Dragon Rider is unique and offers different bonuses to unlock. Explore them all and choose your own path.



Dragon Riders are unmatched in grit and strength, but they still need the right equipment to see them through battle. Throughout the Seasons and scattered across the World Map, Dragon Rider Gear and crafting materials will be obtainable to increase the buffs provided through bonded Dragon Riders.



Each Dragon Rider can equip up to eight pieces of gear: Boots, Chest, Helmet, Gloves, Pants, Ring, Shield, and Weapon. The items will add additional buffs as indicated and various sets can be mixed and matched.

Similarly to dragons, Gear will also have an Elemental Type. In order to equip Gear to a bonded Dragon Rider, the Elemental Type of the Gear must match the Dragon.
(You wouldn’t want to see what happens otherwise… Magic is volatile!)

Dragon Lords, we are very excited to make the dreams of flying with our War Dragons a reality.

We hope you enjoyed this brief overview of this feature, but we’re not done yet!

Join Echo and Pixxel for a live stream demo to see how this feature works in-game.
Fly to and follow the channel, then return at 3 PM Pacific / 10 PM GMT on Wednesday, August 30 to join in on our Q&A session and playthrough.

In the meantime, we want to hear from you! Tag @wardragonsgame on Twitter and include the hashtag, #DragonRider, in your related comments and questions, and it may be featured on our stream


Beta participants will begin to see Dragon Rider Shards and crafting materials in the World Map starting Wednesday, August 30.
(Visit our Official Forums next week for more details.)

We will also be introducing a unique Dragon Rider and Gear set in our upcoming Fall 2017 Season beginning on Wednesday, September 6 that any player may earn. Look for the dedicated Dragon Rider branch in the Season tab.

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