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That Shake, Rattle, and Roll is the Souldance Festive, Hueso, who brings with him the Draconic Chest!

Hueso joins the Souldance from the dead with a smile on his face, and big ole puppy dog eyes that all festival-goers love. Hueso brings with him the new Draconic Chest and a unique way to level up: Evolution Fragments.

Playful Adolescent

Not even death could strip this dragon of its lively nature.

On the eastern edge of the Spinal Peaks lies the ancient and august city of Renata. It has many traditions and norms, like the strict wearing of gloves or a particular hearty trout stew for sale at what feels like every street corner, but for many long years its strangest quirk was the little bone dragon that lived in the sprawling cemetery immediately south of Renata. People called this dragon Hueso and going to see what it was up to on a nice day was a frequent joy for both locals and visitors. 

During the time of Souldance painters would make sure to add wonderful colors and patterns to Hueso’s bones, and it was that time of year that this dragon was at its most playful. A fair amount of plinths and mausoleums would get knocked over or crushed by the hyper-active dragon, but it was considered a point of pride by the families who owned those memorials to have one “enhanced” by Hueso’s antics. Recently however the city was saddened by the sudden and abrupt departure of Hueso for parts unknown, and most of Renata hopes to see those bony wings and that cheerful skull again one day.

Legendary Earth Warrior


  • PLAYFULNESS- Passive | Yellow
    Dragon does not require food to attack and has 60% increased rage regeneration

  • SUMMON PAPA - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Summon a dragon in front that absorbs incoming damage and supershots.  HP is 60% of Dragon HP, attack power is 5% of Dragon HP

  • QUAKE - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Stuns all towers in a radius for (6) seconds. Duration: 6s, Cooldown: 3s.

  • SUPER REJUVENATE -  Active | Blue | 1 Rage
    Dragon heals for (30)% of its modified HP over (2) seconds.

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Hueso is a fledgling warrior dragon that likes to cast lots of spells. 

Hueso’s main spell is Summon Papa, which summons a draconic father figure to attack nearby towers. The summon’s lower health pool means that it will need to be resummoned throughout battle, but that allows Hueso to strategically use the spell to block threatening supershots and high damage attacks. Be careful around mage towers though, as any mage tower supershot will immediately destroy Hueso’s summon. 

To get the most out of Summon Papa, Hueso has Quake, which freezes all towers in the target area for a long duration. Disabling dangerous towers allows Hueso’s summon to remain active for longer, which conserves the dragon’s precious rage resources. Additionally, Quake can disrupt mid-air projectiles if the spell freezes a tower after it has fired its attack or supershot. 

Hueso’s next ability is the passive spell: Playfulness, which increases the dragon’s natural rage generation and allow Hueso to attack without spending food. 

Hueso’s final spell is Super Rejuvenate, which heals the dragon for a moderate amount over a short duration.This healing spell has no cooldown, so Hueso can easily top off its health in-between islands. Hueso is only limited by how much rage it has. The dragon’s spells all cost one rage, and they can all be cast frequently. Choosing where to spend Hueso’s rage is what will determine the dragon’s success.

The Draconic Chest

This new chest will always be available and contain Hueso Evolution Shards. This means that Hueso shards will be available after the Souldance ends and Hueso will be able to progress beyond Verdant tier in future seasons. Hueso shards will drop at a higher rate during Souldance, but will always be available via this chest (which will also be available after Souldance ends).  

Getting shards that are unusable can be a frustrating experience, so we have a new capacity mechanic for this chest - if you ever have enough fragments to max out your Hueso, you will no longer receive Hueso shards from the chest, and instead, you will get one of the other rare drops in the rarity tier (see table below). 

If at some point in the future, an additional tier is added to Hueso, then you will be able to collect more shards at that point to hit the new maximum tier.


  • There will be a 20% Resource boost for 2 weeks, but that boost does not apply to Hueso shards.
  • New chests cost 1,000 Rubies, or 8,000 for 10. At the end of the Hueso Branch, you can spend 500 Sigils for 4 Chests, repeatable indefinitely
  • Draconic Chest for rubies will be around after Souldance ends.
  • Hueso branch is 18k sigils -- Evolution stones are being replaced by Evolution Shards, other prizes have not been modified (although Season Key location has been moved a little, and we've reduced some node costs.)

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