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Quickly Choose the Best Roster of Your Dragons for Victory!

War Dragons - Dragon Sort & Filter


Choosing the right dragon for battle is second only to breeding them in the first place. Over time, Dragon Lords like you have acquired a legion of dragons, and finding the right ones for Breeding Token Missions, Events, etc. took time away from actual battling.


With the new dragon sorting filtering system, we hope to take away the inconvenience of having to visit the den each time a swap needs to be made. We also wanted to help players better recognize each dragon’s name at-a-glance. Lastly, we tried reducing the overall number of actions it took to select a dragon for your roster.


Where can I access the new dragon sorting and filtering?


At level 25, this feature will be made available to players. From the dragon roster, go to the Swap tab. From there, there will be a new button in the top right called “Sort & Filter” which will open the sorting & filtering menu. Select the criteria you want to see here.


What Filters are available?

You can filter dragons by:

  • Class: Warrior, Sorcerer, Hunter, Invoker

  • Element: Fire, Wind, Ice, Dark, Earth

  • Heritage: Lineage, Divine

  • Breedable & Unbreedable

  • Bonded Rider or No Bonded Rider


How can I Sort my dragons?

Dragons can be sorted in ascending or descending order by toggling these available options:

  • Tier

  • Attack power

  • Alphabetical

  • Dragon Level


Show me how to use it!


Sort Demo

Sort through your dragons in 4 different styles.

Filter Demo

Filter your dragons through multiple options. See section above for complete list.

Swap Dragons

When you’ve found the dragon you’re looking for, select it and swap it in!


When will this new feature come to the game?

Dragon Sort & Filter will be released with War Dragons version update 5.15 although this may not go live as soon as the update releases. We hope this feature helps make choosing your dragons to fight much more enjoyable!

Tell us how you’re planning to use the new sorting and filtering! Discuss with fellow Dragon Lords over on the War Dragons Forums!


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