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Updates to Dragons Navigation

View the world of War Dragons in an all-new way!


Dragon Lords,


A new, refreshed navigation will soon be rolling out to all War Dragons players! Starting this week, this new navigation will first be available to all Android players. After that, we will roll out the navigation to iOS players in the coming weeks.

This refreshed navigation brings tons of new screens, including ones for your Dragon Roster, Attack Screen, and more. The screens have gone through numerous rounds of revisions to ensure it is as clean and easy to understand as possible. Take a look at the some of these new screens below!


Navigation Screenshots


Profile and Rankings:


New Profile Screen


Ranking - Team Rankings within a given League


Attacks, Dragons, Riders, and Quests:


Attack Screen - Matchmaking with a collapsible right side


Dragons -  Swapping Dragons out for others in your roster


Dragon Riders - Hired and Unhired Riders


Quests Menu


Chat and Mail:


Chat Menu - Team Chat


Mail Menu - System Messages


Store and Settings:


Store Menu - Purchase Elite


Settings -  Account Info Page



Navigation FAQ


TL;DR, what are some of the most important changes coming with the navigation update?

  • Screens now feature a consistently placed "Back" button, to aid navigation and player orientation.

  • Screens now feature consistently placed sub navigation throughout the game, utilizing the sides of the screens as the game is played in landscape, enabling easier touch and reach of the features.

  • Screens have been refactored to now fill the device's full screen dimensions, and allow more to be viewed, (Riders Screens, etc.)

  • Dragon Riders now have their own section, surfacing these for faster access.

  • Players can collapse the right-hand menu in order to gain additional view space.


When will my game see the updated navigation?

The updated navigation will first roll out to Android players this week. From then, we will continue rolling out the new navigation to all iOS players in the coming weeks.


But wait, I’m on iOS and got the 4.40 Update!

The 4.40 update will be available to both iOS and Android players, however iOS players will not see any changes to the navigation after updating. The 4.40 update is coming to everyone to mitigate any versioning issues that might occur for users who have both types of devices.


Android Players - Tell us what you think!


Because the updated navigation will first roll out to Android players this week, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the refreshed screens in the game! For anyone who plays on Android devices and has a chance to get familiar with the new navigation, please head over to this thread to share your feedback on the update:


Navigation Updates - Android Feedback Thread


But that’s not all…We’ve got a sneak peek for you!


While this update is focused on visual changes to improve game usability, the War Dragons team is also hard at work on other features related to balance and progression. We want to let you in on some of our upcoming plans for War Dragons, and get a glimpse behind the curtain about what’s coming on the horizon.


If you haven’t seen the news already, we’ve just announced that Sub-League Prizing will be heading to the game starting next week with another run of the newest weekly PVP event, Kingdom Wars! For more information on how Sub-League Prizing will work, check out the latest blog!


We’ve heard tons of feedback from you, the player, about what can make War Dragons an even greater game to play. As powerful new gear has made its way into the War Dragons world, spells that determine their strength using Dragon Base HP have become due for a rework. Through Spell Scaling, we’ll ensure that these sort of spells can gain strength appropriately alongside HP and Attack buffs that are applied to Dragons and Towers, allowing them to be balanced simultaneously across all stages of the game.


In addition to that, Egg Token Mission Scaling is another great feature the team is working away on! With Egg Token Mission Scaling, the amount of tokens received from daily missions will increase as you upgrade the balloon using higher level Dragon eggs, creating a mechanism that scales mission rewards alongside your progression in the game.


There are even more exciting changes in store.  Keep an eye on the War Dragons social channels and Forums for more information later on down the road!



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