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Honorbound Resurrection - Goda

Goda Resurrection

Goda, the Legendary Fire Warrior originally released during the Springblossom season returns as the Honorbound Resurrection dragon!

"Deep in the Sacred Ridge’s rocky expanse lies an ancient mountain stronghold. Once a respected training house, the structure now serves as a haven for the region’s villainous outcasts. Bandits, thieves, and other misfits flock to Goda’s stronghold, seeking acceptance for their wicked ways. Goda does not tolerate the honorless, however. Those that join Goda’s band must forsake selfishness and greed, adhering to several rules: No stealing from the community; Anything pillaged must be shared; and finally, no disrespecting Goda. Any who can follow those rules are welcome under Goda’s wings, and the Dragon’s raiding band has only grown stronger as the years have passed."

For more information on the return of the legendary Blazing Warlord, fly on over to the following article!

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