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Spooky treats await you in War Dragons this Halloween!

War Dragons Halloween Giveaway 2018

Enter today to win bootiful prizes!


Greetings, Dragon Lords!


Tis the season of witchcraft and sorcery, of tempest spirits and howling nightcrawlers. Dragons are no stranger to the dark corners of forbidden lands, some often making these secluded places their abode. We’ve been brewing up something special for all you ghosts and goblins, and we invite everyone to join in the ghoulish festivities!


To celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, friends and fiends of all shapes and sizes can partake in an online giveaway with a chance to win major prizes in War Dragons, including rubies, egg tokens, and Duskfall Sigils!


A Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway


Here’s how the giveaway will work:

  1. Starting today, you can enter the War Dragons Halloween Giveaway by submitting your In-Game name. Any information provided will only be used for giveaway purposes - we will not disclose any personal information in the process.

  2. The giveaway will run for two weeks from Wednesday, October 10th until Wednesday, October 24th. Be sure to get your entry in before then!

  3. Entries to the giveaway will close on Wednesday, October 24th at midnight PT.

  4. We’ll announce the winners of this giveaway on Thursday, November 1st, and distribute the winning gifts shortly afterwards!


All you need to do is head to our giveaway link below and enter your In-Game Name to participate. You can increase your chances of winning by completing various additional tasks featured through the link - this Halloween, trick or treat yo’ self to some extra entries!


Fang-tastic Prizes


The lucky winners of this giveaway are in for a real treat - no tricks here! We’ve got tons of Duskfall Sigils, Rubies, Timers, and Egg Tokens to give away to five winners who will be chosen at random from the entries. Each winning prize package will total roughly $50 of in-game goodies!


Before you head out to howl at the moon - enter the giveaway using the link below!


Enter the War Dragons Halloween Giveaway...if you dare!

Keep an eye on the War Dragon’s Facebook page, Twitter channel, and Instagram profile on your cell bone for updates on this ghoulish giveaway and the reveal of our winners. Creep it real this Halloween - good luck to all Dragon Lords, and we’ll see you in the night skies! Awoooo!

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