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Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Spells Preview

Which dragon(s) will be your next go-to from the Tempest Collection?

Last week we introduced the two new dragons making their way from the Gladiatorial pits to help Dragon Lords wreak havoc on their enemies. Will you intimidate your opponents with Gladicus or command the power of the sea with Neptus? Continue reading for the spells that each dragon will be unleashing on their enemies.


wardragons-nightmare-collection, black.png


Great Myrmidon

War Dragons - Gladicus

“Impervious to every conceivable onslaught.”


Class: Warrior

Rarity: Legendary

Element: Earth


  • Shield Assault - Toggle Active, 0.5 Rage per second active, Blue 
    While active, the spell increases damage dealt by 30% and creates a shield that reduces all incoming damage by 65%. Drains rage over time while active. Spell has a 1 second cooldown.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Rejuvenate - Active, 2 Rage, Blue
    Heals 30% of Dragon's max HP over the 4 second duration of the spell.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Seismic Screech - Active, 1 Rage, Red
    Deals damage to towers within range and weakens them by 25%.
    Learned at Level 10
  • Dark Flak Tower Resist - Passive
    Reduces damage taken from Dark Flak Towers by 70%.
    Learned at Level 13



Champion of the Sea


Tempest Collection - Neptus

“All at sea bow to the will of the champion of the ocean."


Class: Hunter

Rarity: Mythic

Element: Ice


  • Tidal Surge - Active, 1 Rage, White
    After 0.7 seconds, targeted tower takes 1200% of Dragon's Attack Power as damage. Dragon heals for 8% of its max HP. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Riptide - Active, 1 Rage, Blue
    Dragon cloaks for 2 seconds. Upon uncloaking, the Dragon then deals 15% of its max HP to all towers within range. 
    Learned at Level 1
  • Corrosive Brine- Passive
    Dragon attacks increase damage further dealt to buildings by 25%.
    Learned at Level 10
  • Ice Turret Resist - Passive
    Reduce damage taken from Ice Turrets by 70%.
    Learned at Level 13


Want to see these two dragons in action? Check out our video below, and catch us livestreaming Gladicus and Neptus this week on and Facebook Live!




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