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Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview


Which dragon will be your next go-to from the Tempest Collection?

Two additional dragons are making their way to the Wintertide season very soon! Look out for the Legendary Warrior in the fifth branch, and the Mythic Hunter that will be contained in the sixth branch in the Seasons Prizes tab.

The Mythic Hunter branch may be unlocked by obtaining all evolution stones for the following Tempest Collection Dragons: Avyx, Equestor, and Gladicus (who you'll meet below!).


wardragons-nightmare-collection, black.png


Great Myrmidon

War Dragons - Gladicus

“Impervious to every conceivable onslaught.”

As a true champion, Gladicus is an impenetrable fortress. He wins through sheer attrition; his thick armor shrugs off even the mightiest blows, while his ashen breath saps the strength of his opponent. At the end of the battle, Gladicus is always left standing.

Class: Warrior

Rarity: Legendary

Element: Earth




Champion of the Sea

War Dragons - Neptus

“All at sea bow to the will of the champion of the ocean.”

The Isle of the Ancients rising from the depths of the sea signals a new Gladiatorial Games; as the lord of the sea itself, Neptus has remained undefeated in every arena bout thus far. His command over the ocean allows him to produce jets of seawater so powerful that they pierce steel plates and dragon scales alike.

Class: Hunter

Rarity: Mythic

Element: Ice


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