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First War Dragons Feature Beta: The World Map

Dragon Lords, we are very excited to announce the contents of our first feature beta test.

First, we want to thank you all for the incredible response. Within the first few hours of opening applications, our expectations were blown away. We received messages from hundreds of interes

And now the feature our beta testers will be helping to shape:

The World Map

War Dragons World Map Overview

The World Map is an enormous persistent world to conquer with your team while fending off threats from other teams’ invasions. As players make their way from the outskirts of this world, to inland territories, holding land becomes more lucrative as the opportunities to reap bountiful rewards increases.

War Dragons World Map Islands

Perhaps your team is more benevolent than bloodthirsty. Teams may also work together to share resources within their territories through diplomacy and alliances.

But alliances can be broken.

How your team will find their place in this world is up to you.
You create this story.

To learn even more about the World Map, check out the replay of our Twitch stream where PGDave unveils it for the first time!

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="378" width="620"></iframe>Watch live video from on

Lastly, please join us in celebrating the following teams who will be the first beta testers in a brand new world:

  • 1stNightFury

  • AbandonAllHope

  • AncientsAscent

  • AtariOverload

  • BetWeAreButter

  • Brothersasylum

  • CharredRunes

  • DarkAsylum

  • DarkChoices

  • DarkLords

  • DarkWinds

  • DeadlyChaos

  • Demolishers

  • DHaranEmpire

  • DigitalChaos

  • DragonCorps

  • Dragongasm

  • DragonsCreed

  • Dreadnought

  • Dsylexic

  • Fortified

  • Freeplayers

  • FriendsnFamily

  • GhostLeaders

  • HotTubParty

  • JAPANeeeeZE

  • JDMSociety

  • Juggernauts

  • LastShadows

  • LeagueofSouls

  • LethalSquad


  • mem0ries

  • MoxiFanClub

  • Moxxie

  • MysticWarriors

  • NoMercyOrder

  • Outlaws

  • PeaceNLove

  • PhoenixReturns

  • Ref0rged

  • Russia

  • SantoDracones

  • Siege

  • Sithdragons

  • Strikers

  • TexasFireballs

  • TheBros

  • TheEmpire

  • TheOriginals

  • TheRainbowRoom

  • Yautjaprime


If you aren’t on this list, fear not! We will keep you all posted on future testing opportunities.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and passion to make War Dragons the best it can be.

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