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Introducing Ember: Red to Orange Tier Evolving Dragon

Ember is a brand-new evolving Hunter dragon that is perfect for Dragon Lords between Red and Orange tier, or for those seeking to collect them all!

Embers starts off as a Red tier dragon and is breedable through normal means with the following pairs:

  • Kastor & Trollis
  • Zin & Garuda
  • Aetrix & Leviathan

Ember is designed to be a strong early game hunter, giving players the opportunity to experience an evolving dragon that will carry them through Orange tier. At max level (30) with no research or runes, Ember has a power of 202,722!

As Ember evolves, his visual appearance also changes.

Ember starts with Death Gaze in Red tier, acquires Cloak in Purple tier, Archer Resist in Blue tier, and finally Invert in Orange tier.

To evolve Ember we have created some special value packs containing his evolution stones that will become available based on the following requirements:

  • Purple evolution pack is available as soon as you have bred and hatched Ember.
  • Blue evolution pack is available once you have Ember at level 7.
  • Orange evolution pack is available once you have Ember at level 15.

These value packs will vanish if you purchase them once or upon breeding a Legendary Green dragon.

*Note: If you have already obtained a Legendary Green dragon, but still wish to evolve Ember, you may obtain a stone through the following means:
Purchase a Value Pack of equal value and then "Contact Us" via the in-game Help menu to be granted the stone.
Purple = $4.99
Blue = $19.99
Orange = $99.99

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