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New Summer Season Divine Warrior and Mythic Sorcerer Now Available!

The Legendary Warrior, that will be found in the final Primary Branch, and the Mythic Sorcerer, found in the ultimate fourth branch of the Summer Season are ready to be unveiled! 


Armored Destroyer

​Said to have armor plates imbued with the ability to repel or absorb almost any worldly attack, Zamrok is able to easily brush off even the most robust of attacks from base defenses.

Class: Warrior

Rarity: Legendary


  • Mystic Winds Active, 2 Rage, White
    Deflects projectiles and mage super shots. Lasts 4.5 seconds. 
    Learned at Level 1
  • Superheated Breath - Active, 1 Rage, White
    3 second buff causing Flamethrower to deal 65% more damage for 5 seconds.
    Learned at Level 1

    *Superheated Breath is receiving a rage reduction plus damage and duration boosts.
    Previous: 2 Rage Cost | Updated: 1 Rage Cost
    Previous: 50% damage increase | Updated: 65% damage increase
    Previous: 3s duation | Updated: 5s duration
    This change will affect both Zamrok and Abraxxas.

  • Northern Lights (Dark) - Active, 2 Rage, Blue
    Large area effect spell that damages towers and prevents the tower from attacking for 2 seconds.  
    Learned at Level 10
  • Ice Turret Resist - Passive
    Reduces Ice Turret damage.
    Learned at Level 13


Ashen Wyrm

From the acid-filled swamps at the edges of the world, explorers tell tales of a creature whose offspring are so gruesome that men would be driven to madness just by looking at them for too long. Even fewer have lived to see its adult form: a thorned flying beast whose noxious breath could melt the flesh right off the bones of any creature it touched.

I miss having skin. — Anonymous Skeleton

Class: Sorcerer

Rarity: Mythic


  • Death Stare Active, 1 Rage, White
    Destroys one tower regardless of health. 3 second cooldown.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Ashen Breath - Active, 1 Rage, White
    Causes attacks to apply a poison cloud to towers hit by swipe attack, dealing damage over time for 4 seconds. Buff lasts 3 seconds.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Invert - Active, 1 Rage, Red
    Returns projectiles to deal damage to originating tower.
    Learned at Level 10
  • Dark Flak Resist - Passive
    Reduces Dark Flak damage.
    Learned at Level 13

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